Maintaining Gulden

Required funds

12.500 EU/month

- 2132 EU (-17%)
83% 80 NLG Dev Reward
Monthly: 10368 EU
Based on current market value (0.0075 EU).

Our costs

Two full-time blockchain developers for applications.

iOS, Android, macos, Windows, Linux.

Servers and hosting

E.g., multiple nodes, build servers.


E.g. Cloudflare, SSL, monitoring systems.

Development accounts for applications

E.g. Apple, Github.

Software and font licenses required for development and graphics

E.g. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Coda.

Communication software

E.g. G Suite, Slack for Business, Mailchimp.


E.g. legal, accounting

Additional information

Costs including taxes.
Salaries below global average (7.100 EU). Click here for salary data.
Founder does not receive salary.

How to solve a shortage

Gulden value up

A higher value per Gulden ensures a higher monthly income from dev reward. However, the value of Gulden is determined by supply and demand and there is no control over this.

Investing in Novo

Novo is the only cryptocurrency with an even distribution. When purchasing Novo in the Novo app or on the website, a large part of the revenue goes directly to the development of Novo. Novo and Gulden share the same technology. What is developed for Novo also works for Gulden and this would reduce the development costs for Gulden. Click here to read more about Novo.

Buying Gulden at Blockhut for a higher value

The dev reward could be sold directly on Blockhut for the required value per Gulden. This would mean that you buy more expensive Guldens on Blockhut than on the market, but would support development and therefore your investment.

Stop development

Click here to read more about this plan.