Maintaining Gulden

Required funds

12.500 EU/month

- 12500 EU (-100%)
0% 65 NLG Dev Reward
Monthly: 0 EU
Based on the average price of the past 30 days (0 EU). Excluding costs of conversion.

Our costs

Two full-time blockchain developers for applications Web development and graphic design Servers and hosting Security Development accounts for applications Software and font licenses required for development and graphics Communication software Administration Legal
Additional information

Salaries below global average (7.100 EU). Click here for salary data.

What to do with a surplus

Development Reserve

A reserve is built up for times when there is a shortage of funding for development.

Gulden Advisory Board

In case of a structural surplus, we will discuss with the Gulden Advisory Board what to invest in. Below are a few possibilities. Click here to read more about the Gulden Advisory Board.


Quality deserves to be known. It would be a good idea to invest in smart marketing.


More exchanges not only provides more accessibility, but is also a form of marketing.